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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery within a 100-mile range is included at no additional cost.  Shipping and transportation rates will be quoted for destinations outside this range.

Deliveries are available anywhere in the US and quoted based on requirements to receive.

RPG Legends operates from three physical locations currently within Florida – Naples (HQ), Sarasota, and Tampa, and additional partner locations within the US.

Return can only be made with 3 days of receiving the cars if there is complete failure to perform within the guidelines of the Harrington Group Factory Specifications.  Please contact RPG Legends prior to any returns.

RPG Legends will handle all repairs caused by factory defect or normal parts failure during normal operation for the first 12 months of new ownership. All upgrade will be handled at our Naples Operation Facility and will range in design & cost based on the model purchased 
and upgrade option.
  • These cars are not road legal and should only be driven on private grounds. The owner of the car is solely responsible for who is driving the vehicle and at what age it is safe to do so.  We recommend using a helmet, eye protection and appropriate clothing when driving.
  • They do have working headlights, turn signals, horn, and seatbelts.

You can adjust the pedals forward or back to accommodate different height of drivers.

In standard tune the cars reach approx. 30 mph. Inexperienced drivers should build up speed slowly as they learn the capabilities of the vehicles in a safe environment. If equipped, you can also limit the amount. of throttle input as a precaution.

  • The frame is a steel box section chassis with composite body and floor pan painted with DuPont automotive paint.
  • Fully independent suspension with adjustable gas shocks.
  • Vented disc brakes with dual pot piston brakes.
  • Vinyl or leather-trimmed interiors with Aluminum/stainless steel trim and bright-work. Wood-rimmed aluminum steering wheel (where applicable).
  • Most have a front-mounted engine with rear-wheel drive. They are 110cc air-cooled four stroke single cylinder engines similar to a quad bike with 3 speed semi-automatic gearbox and reverse (no clutch, sequential gear changes).
  • Some models are available with an option for a 1200W electric motor

Initial deposits can be made online through our site, and remaining/full payment due via money orders, wire transfer, or electronic funds transfer made payable to RPG Legends or AAMI Motorsports.

  • The measurements vary slightly by model, but they are approximately 8.5’ long, 3.25’ wide, and weigh 485lbs.
  • Most of the car models can accommodate 500lbs + of driver and load.

RPG Legends will handle all repairs caused by factory defect or normal parts failure during normal operation for the first 12 months of new ownership. All upgrade will be handled at our Naples Operation Facility and will range in design & cost based on the model purchased and upgrade option.

Any unauthorized modification, alteration, or engine tune made to the RPG Legends vehicle without expressed written approval by RPG Legends LLC. Ownership will void the warranty.

Use only 95 octane non-ethanol unleaded fuel or higher.

The gearbox is an automatic clutch sequential shift, which means you can only move through the gears in order one at a time. When the car is in neutral, one firm pull backwards will put the car into reverse. When driving forward and shifting up through the gears, let off the accelerator slightly before selecting the next higher gear. When it’s time to slow down and come down through the gears, we recommend that you are almost coming to a stop or stopped before shifting down through each gear.  Always leave the cars on a flat surface and in neutral when parking.  There is no parking brake.

  • Each one of the current models can be built with a choice of standard interior colors and materials, and exterior paints and wheel options.  We can also custom match any color using a supplied DuPont paint code.  There are optional accessories, liveries, and numbering that are available.  Production and delivery times for custom builds will vary.
  • RPG Legends does carry an inventory of vehicles available for quick delivery, and additional vehicles on order.
  • There is a 90-day no-fault warranty, and 1 year workmanship and labor warranty from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty covers manufacturers defects and failure of parts due to normal wear and tear.
  • It does not cover damage due to improper use, damage to the painted surfaces after acceptance of the car, and issues from improper maintenance.
  • Any modification to the vehicle’s original specifications may void the warranty
  • You can contact RPG Legends directly at 239-228-5845 and speak to one of our crew members. We are located at 4355 Mercantile Avenue in Naples, FL.  Our e-mail address is info@rpglegendsusa.com
  • Online http://www.rpglegendsusa.com
  • Instagram @rpglegendsusa
  • YouTube under AAMI Motorsports
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